Monday, April 21, 2008

Pilobolus -- Not the Fungus -- in Cadman Plaza Park

The dance/contortionist troupe Pilobolus (named after a "sun-loving fungus that lives in cow dung") was in Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights Friday, preparing to shoot a segment for Sesame Street.

McBrooklyn stumbled across members of this incredibly fit group of humans warming up for their roles as the letter "L," the number "4," and the words "octagon," "stuck," "unanimous" and "insert." A member of the troupe told us they were going to shoot some letters in Manhattan, as well.

Pilobolus, called "human Legos" and "human clay," performed to great acclaim at the 79 Oscar ceremony (with Ellen Degeneres).

Below is a video of the work they did for a Hyundai ad.

Photos by MK Metz.


Anonymous said...

I also saw Sesame Street filming a big red muppet holding a cactus in front of the florist/photo shop on Court street near Pacific. They must've been on a filming spree Friday morning.

Anonymous said...

And I thought that kind of stuff wasn't legal in public.