Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dumbo's Tower of Babble

So we finally saw the Dumbo "Tower of Power" "Eye-in-the-Sky" "Tower of Fun" (and again here) that everyone's been chatting about.

Couldn't resist taking some photos -- the colorful mural behind it is “Nature Matching Systems," a temporary DOT art installation.

"Sky Watch" was installed by the 84th Precinct in response to a recent rash of muggings. It has been parked on Front Street between Adams and Pearl since March 26, but is only temporary.

Like many seemingly benign events, the tower's arrival provoked an bizarre blast of blog babble -- especially on DumboNYC (here and here).

In spite of the commentary, the tower has already reduced crime in the neighborhood, according to DumboNYC. Kudos to the 84th for their quick response.

Photos by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

A small hatchet can sever the hydro lines for the support arms. Timberrr..... :)