Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Schumer Endorses Former Aide in Front of Burnt-Out Grocery Store

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer endorsed former aid Daniel Squadron for the Democratic nomination for state senator, 25th District, this past Sunday.

The event drew a small crowd in front of the burnt-out Gristedes grocery store, on Henry and Clark Streets in Brooklyn Heights -- a curious site, but quite convenient.

The significance of this endorsement, according to the Brooklyn Eagle, is that the seat has continuously been held by State Sen. Marty Connor since 1978.

Schumer cited “complete integrity” and the political experience gained from being his assistant as Squadron’s qualification for the post, according to the Eagle. Marty Algaze, a spokesman for Connor, had a different opinion of Squadron: “His resume is about as deep as a paper clip."

Schumer, in Startling Move, Endorses Connor’s Opponent Brooklyn Eagle

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Anonymous said...

the Senator and the new guy should request FEMA funds for the Heights/Gristedes disaster

Anonymous said...

i'll vote for him if he promises to have only one press conference a month. save the trees!

Anonymous said...

I like Chuck, and him endorsing his former aide is kinda of like endorsing himself.

Anonymous said...

Schumer rocks;tbd this squadron guy.