Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day: Another Tree Down at 75 Henry Street

Remember what a rukus there was more than two years ago when five 40-year-old shade trees were cut down in front of 75 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights?

The board of the 32-story tower was “appalled” and blamed the Park's Department's Forestry Division. Some tenants blamed the building's contractor, York Restoration Corp., which was doing work on the sidewalk. York blamed the Parks Department. The Brooklyn Heights Association sided with the Forestry Division.

After the finger-pointing subsided, the co-op planted new trees -- ginkgos -- and, while not as majestic as the originals, they've been coming along nicely.

Until now. Somehow -- most likely yesterday -- one of the newly planted trees was decapitated, leaving only a pathetic stump.

Who did it this time? The new contractor, working on the exterior walls? The scaffolding company? The Parks Department? (Okay, not likely.) Some drunken truck driver?

Let the finger pointing begin.

- War Declared in Brooklyn Heights Over Destruction of Mature Trees Brooklyn Eagle

Photos by MK Metz

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