Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almontaser Gets Her Story

The ex-principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn, Debbie Almontaser -- and the whole circumstances surrounding her removal from the Arabic-themed school she founded -- finally got a big story in the NY Times.

The story is important not only because of Ms. Almontaser personally, but because it appears we might be witnessing the beginning of this decade's form of McCarthyism.

This idea is also explored in an article in the Brooklyn Eagle, in an after-interview interview with Almontaser.

Two points to Marty Markowitz on this one. He said Saturday: "There is no question that she got a raw deal. Perhaps in the days to come this will be righted.... and we hope that in days to come her vision will be realized."

Surprised that Bloomberg seems to be sleepwalking through this whole thing. It's turning into one of the important issues of our time.

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