Friday, August 10, 2007

Brooklyn's Arabic School Principal Resigns in 'I-Word' Flap

In the end, it wasn't the raging anti-Arab mobs that brought an end to the budding career of the Khalil Gibran school's founder Debbie Almontaser, nor was it the inept site search by the Department of Education.

It was some T-shirts printed by an Arabic women's group with the words "Intifada NYC" that ended the tenure of the first principal of the first Arabic-themed school in NYC, which will open in Boerum Hill in September, reports the New York Post and the Brooklyn Eagle.

Though the T-shirts had nothing to do with Ms. Almontaser or the school, the group operated out of the same offices used by an organization Almontaser works with. Ms. Almontaser initially defended the women's use of the word "intifada." Though she later reconsidered, that (as they say) was that.

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