Friday, August 3, 2007

Realtors: Your Vibrating iPhone May Not Be a Customer

According to the BloodhoundBlog, which focuses on real estate marketing and technology, the iPhone holds a special appeal for real estate brokers. Is it the coolness factor, or is that the little bauble is actually useful out in the field?

Regardless, it turns out that there are security problems with the device -- which are no doubt being addressed by Apple as we speak.

One problem is "the ability of the hackers to “perform so-called ‘physical actions’ on the iPhone," according to Lani Anglin, author of the real estate blog, who wrote about the problems this can cause realtors on the BloodhoundBlog. This includes making the phone vibrate. Another hack transforms an iPhone into a bugging device.

Wired/AP reports that hackers could take control of an iPhone if its owner visits a doctored Web site or Internet hotspot. To protect your iPhone, the security guys recommend that users only visit sites they trust, not open Web sites from e-mails and not use unfamiliar Wi-Fi hotspots.

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