Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where Does Brooklyn Stand on Congestion Pricing?

If the mayor receives enough federal funding to move his congestion pricing plan forward and if it then is approved by a commission, then the 51 members of the City Council will vote on where they stand on charging cars $8 and trucks $21 to drive into or out of Midtown Manhattan on weekdays. For the plan to pass, 26 council members would have to approve it.

So where do we stand? Gotham Gazette called every single New York City Council member. Of the 47 City Council members who responded, only 23 council members took definite positions.

Of the 16 council members polled from Brooklyn, 3 were for the measure (or leaning in that direction); 5 were against it, more or less; and 8 were either undecided or didn't respond.

Full results here.

Photo by Tjeerd, Creative Commons License

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