Friday, August 3, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge Deficient, Gowanus Expressway 'Getting Worse Every Day'

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of 166 city bridges labeled "structurally deficient," say the Daily News, the NY Times and every other media outfit in the city. Under the the feds' rating system, the Brooklyn Bridge scored much lower than the collapsed Minneapolis bridge. The biggest problems were found on the Manhattan and Brooklyn approaches.

But another crucial piece of Brooklyn’s infrastructure, the elevated Gowanus Expressway -- not included in the report -- is in serious disrepair.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, “[The structure] is totally inadequate to handle the weight and volume of traffic that it’s getting now,” said Buddy Scotto, who co-founded the Gowanus Expressway Community Coalition. “It’s getting worse everyday. Someone has to do something about this.”

The Gowanus is currently being re-decked as it undergoes “continual emergency repairs,” according to the state Department of Transportation.

Photo by MK Metz

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