Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Staubitz Market in Cobble Hill

Ninety years plus with only three owners, Staubitz Market at 222 Court Street in Cobble Hill has changed very little over the generations. John McFadden and his son John McFadden, Jr. now run the shop. John Sr. has been there more than 50 years. He remembers when Osso Bucco used to be 29 cents a pound.

Photo by MK Metz


Unknown said...

Staubitz is overpriced, crowded with uptight customers, and not particularly friendly.

Try Los Paisanos directly down Wyckoff on Smith between Wyckoff and Bergen. Much friendlier, less uptight.

Unknown said...

Staubitz is the best of the best... Landmark for a reason - Quality Product, Excellent Service! It's crowded now and again as a result. Los Paisanos - you're kidding me right? You from Brooklyn?