Monday, August 6, 2007

Tribes of New York, Each With Its Own Map

We’re not eight million people sharing a single metropolis—we’re seperate tribes, each living in our own private Idaho, says New York Magazine, which has mapped out the city for ten different urban archaeotypes: the Design Maven, the Cheapskate, the Hedonist, the "It" Girl, etc.

Cheapskates live in a universe of "$2-a-pound clothing, $2.25 dinners, and almost-free dental work," while hedonists see the city as a "constellation of pleasures: custom-made sheets from Bergdorf’s, truffle dinners at Del Posto."

Our favorite map -- Rebel Youth -- is Brooklyncentric, of course; hotspots include serious clubs and gritty bars, alternative shows and parties, and anti-Establishment art centers.

Find your map here.

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