Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tenants Fight Brooklyn 'McMansion' -- Protest on Sunday

Fifth Avenue Committee and the tenants of 533 Bergen Street (near 6th Avenue) will be hosting a neighborhood rally and block party on Sunday, August 26, at noon to protest the attempted “owner-use” evictions of four rent-stabilized families.

According to the Independent Media Center, the owners are both "well-recognized designers and artists (one was recently named one of '20 under 30' to watch by Print magazine and one of “The best people of 2004” by Time Magazine)."

The plan, according to The Brooklyn Rail, is to convert two-and-a-half floors—3,000 square feet—into one, multi-tiered apartment. Eviction proceedings have already begun.

- Tenants Fight McMansions, Challenging Landlords to Keep Their Homes The Brooklyn Rail
- Rally and Block Party in Brooklyn Against Evictions Independent Media Center


Anonymous said...

Fucking ridiculous.

Is New York the only state in the nation where the OWNER can't do what he wants with his property? How is it that RENTERS seem to have more rights than the OWNER??

Anonymous said...

If renter’s list expired and no further arrangements were from tenant. Owner should be able to do whatever he/she wants.

b.j. said...

Sad, but true. I understand one of the tenants has lived there for years, has cancer, etc. But the law is that a landlord can take over apartments for his/her own use, and clearly that's what these landlords are doing. McMansions can't be outlawed.

Home Owner said...

This is sad for the tenants involved but ultimately a property owner has the legal right to use their property as they sees fit.

Jonathan said...

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