Friday, April 13, 2007

Another Tragic Death on Brooklyn Streets

Yet another tragic pedestrian death took place this afternoon, this time on Tillary Street at the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. Witnesses said that a man in his late thirties or forties tried to make it across the street but tripped over his own sneakers. He was hit by a dark gray Accord headed for the bridge.

The impact knocked the pedestrian's shoes off his feet; the front bumper of the Accord was ripped off and the left front of the car was smashed in. The driver of the Accord, a young man who seemed very shaken by the event, said that he had the right of way. Officer Smyth of the 84th Precinct said that the pedestrian "stepped in front of the car." A witness said, "He hit him. The guy flew, and he was down. They tried to do CPR on him." A Long Island College Hospital ambulance took the pedestrian to LICH.

Traffic to the bridge was snarled for hours as the scene was investigated. The pedestrian's shoes and parts of the car remained on the street.

The driver of the Accord.

UPDATE here.

Photos by Brooklyn photojournalist MK Metz.

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