Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where to Eat Saturday Night in the Heights?

Chowhound asks, where do you eat on a Saturday night in Brooklyn Heights? Correspondent Peter gives his take:

"In my opinion, the only places in Brooklyn Heights proper that are worth eating at for a 'nice Saturday night out' are:

-- Henry's End
-- Noodle Pudding (Italian, no reservations, cash only)
-- Petite Marche (new French place)
-- Queen (kinda sleepy old school Italian but very good)"

Peter adds: Way South Heights / Cobble Hill-- cross over Atlantic and go to Hibino, the very new Japanese place on Henry and Pacific; Way North Heights -- cross over Front St. and go to Five Front; Best bet: Noodle Pudding.

What do you think? Anything else worth adding to the list?

Photo by EverydayLife, Creative Commons license.


LikesJapanese said...

I am so sorry Mr. Suvlaki (spelling?) on Montague Street closed...

Anonymous said...

What about Heights Cafe?