Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meet the Neighbors

The lux Smith, at 75 Smith Street and Atlantic Avenue, is still in construction (with the prerequisite inflated rat standing guard). Developed by Boymelgreen and designed by award-winning Meltzer/Mandi Architects, its web site touts the neighborhood's many upscale amenities -- "Furnish your home at Rico;" "Drink wine at Bacchus;" "Have a mixed drink at Apartment 138..." But one neighbor the site doesn't mention is the "Brooklyn Detention Complex," right across Smith Street. As noted here, the old Brooklyn House of Detention will not only be reopening, but doubling in size and adding retail. Curious McBrooklynites want to know: Will the Smith's penthouse "spacious outdoor terraces" overlook The Yard?

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Photos by MK Metz, Brooklyn photojournalist.

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