Sunday, April 29, 2007

Officials Knew Greenpoint Oil Spill Would Take 20+ Years (Maybe Never) to Clean

CBS2 brings us the news, via this video posted on YouTube (thanks to Gowanus Lounge), that officials have known for a long time that it could take 20 years -- if ever -- to clean up the worst oil spill in U.S. history, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Apparently, Exxon Mobile (which spilled the oil in the first place) said back in '81 that it would be possible to clean up only five percent, to at maximum fifty percent, of the still-spreading underground plume.

But just how dangerous is it? A poster on Gowanus Lounge refutes (or disagrees with) many of the points made by CBS2. One good point: Greenpoint appears a have a lower cancer rate than many other Brooklyn neighborhoods, including Downtown Brooklyn.

On the other hand, this poster seems to have an awful lot of inside information -- such as the address of the cancer survivor interviewed in the news clip, which was not mentioned in the video.

I'm not saying that this poster has anything to do with Exxon Mobile, I'm just sayin' ...


Greenpoint Archive said...

All of the information about the oil spill story lies is true and verifiable. The focus should now turn to why this smear campaign was unleashed on Greenpoint after it won its hard fought battle against the Brooklyn political machine to get its East River rezoned for residential development. These same politicos who have been spreading the lies including Assemblyman Joe Lentol, Senator Schumer, Congressman Weiner have never said a word while luxury condos are being built on toxic brownfields in Williamsburg. VERY CURIOUS. CONNECT THE DOTS. Or should I say, follow the money.

Sammy said...

Would you live there, knowing what you know?

Greenpoint Archive said...

Absolutely!!! Greenpoint is a great neighborhood to raise a family. It's only going to be getting better and better and better.