Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crazy Naked Brooklyn Law Student Bares All...

The Brooklyn legal community had a hard time ignoring Adriana Dominguez, a Brooklyn Law School student, who appeared naked in a Playboy TV series that is all over the Internet. She managed to score an interview with the Daily News today as well -- not bad for a third year law student.

The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog Question of the Day: "If Dominguez passes the bar, New York’s Committee on Character and Fitness will have to decide whether to grant her admission. If you sat on the committee, would you?"

The votes are pouring in. They range from the tolerant: "This has ZERO to do with her qualifications to be an attorney;" to the judgmental: "Which firm would hire her when there are 100 other law students with her qualifications who didn’t do porn?" See them all here.