Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blue/ Green Slime Invades What Remains of Cadman Plaza Park

A thick layer of blue/ green slime was shot from a high-powered hose all over what remains of the only natural dirt in Brooklyn Heights (uh, Downtown Brooklyn) Thursday -- the north end of Cadman Plaza Park. That's the part not covered in synthetic turf, which is still fenced off from the public.

It turns out that the slime is actually grass seed, suspended in a bluish gel and paper mulch. As the sign explains, the seeds should sprout in about two weeks.

A Parks Department employee said that the "hydro-seeding" is quite expensive, and he hoped that park-goers didn't knock down the fence and run on the turf before the seeds got established.

The 800-odd kids from a nearby private school who use the park as their daily playground/ gym/ sports field will have nowhere to run until the fences are removed from both sections of Cadman Plaza Park -- the now synthetic field to the south, and the newly seeded blue/ green oval to the north.

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Photos by Brooklyn photojournalist MK Metz.

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