Wednesday, April 11, 2007

'Something Very Broken in New York City ...'

After a rash of tragic deaths on city streets, the City Council Transportation Committee held a hearing today to investigate pedestrian safety. Karla Qunitero, Deputy Director of Planning at Transportation Alternatives, testified that more than 10,000 pedestrians are injured on city streets each year, and more than 150 are killed. Transportation Alternatives is asking the city to adopt a comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. (The text of her testimony and the Action Plan may be found here.)

This excellent video from Nickdigital features an interview with Aaron Naperstek of Transportation Alternatives regarding the recent death of a four-year-old boy on 3rd Avenue and Baltic in Brooklyn -- and the Department of Transportation's broken promises. "Something is very broken in the New York City bureaucracy," Naperstek says.

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