Monday, June 24, 2013

Security On the Brooklyn Bridge Kind of Lax Saturday

Photo: MK Metz
This big white truck parked itself on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday sometime before 2:30 p.m. We saw it from a friend's window.

- One, trucks aren't allowed on the Brooklyn Bridge.
- Two, if you see something, say something. The Brooklyn Bridge is high on the list of potential terrorist targets in New York City.

We all got excited and our friend called 9-1-1 at 2:35 p.m. to report the truck.

9-1-1 had no idea it was there, and said they would send someone. OK, fine.

We talked about all the expensive security cameras on the bridge and the NYPD cars parked at the entrances. "That's funny," we said. "Wonder why they let that big truck up on the bridge?"

Over the next half hour we kept checking the truck, waiting to see a car from the 84th Precinct come swooping up with a half a ton of bomb-sniffing equipment and maybe a team of dogs.


Eventually, the truck started backing up very slowly. Our friend called 9-1-1 again. "That truck? The one on the bridge? It's backing up and maybe someone should help with traffic because it's going the wrong way and all."

9-1-1 said the 84th Precinct had been notified and someone would be there soon.

Finally, about an hour after our first call, NYPD stopped traffic onto the Manhattan-bound lanes and the truck successfully backed off the Brooklyn Bridge. We we happy that it turned out the truck wasn't stuffed with 3 tons of explosives, but if it had been it would have been a bad scene.

Still wondering about the security cameras and all.

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