Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where Have We Seen the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Plan Before?

Brooklyn’s newly unveiled $3 billion “Tech Triangle” development project includes a Special Innovation District for new tech businesses, new bus, ferry and bike lanes, a network of green, parklike spaces, a topiary arbor, a Cadman Plaza cafe, a curved footbridge leading to Borough Hall, a seasonal pop-up fantasy land of mini-golf, performance stages, lounges and wading pools, and a massive helium observation balloon overlooking it all.

Cadman Plaza Cafe behind the War Memorial
“This is really a comprehensive plan to guide the area’s growth over the next decade,” said Tucker Reed, president of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, one leg of the Triangle, which also includes DUMBO and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The plans are so fantastical we got the feeling that we'd seen them before . . . including that balloon... especially that balloon.

Then it hit us. The prototype for Tech Triangle ... is The Village, depicted in the 60s cult classic The Prisoner.

In The Prisoner a British secret agent is gassed and wakes up in an isolated, idyllic fantasy village, where everything necessary to happiness is provided.. There, he's given a number (six) instead of a name.

Everyone rides "penny-farthing" bicycles, plays games and is supposed to be happy. But no one can escape.

If they try, Rover, a weird white balloon thing, will suffocate them.

We're just joking, of course. Ha ha ha, we'll be able to escape, right? 


Full plan at Brooklyn Tech Triangle.
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The Prisoner photos from IGN and Pajiba

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