Thursday, October 24, 2013

SUNY Downstate Not 'Yolking,' Really Want to Keep LICH

Another big hearing in the long fight to keep Long Island College Hospital (LICH) open took place in Brooklyn yesterday before Justice Carolyn Demarest.

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that SUNY attorney David Dunn made the argument, “This transaction has been consummated and can’t be undone," adding, “You can’t unscramble the omelet.”

In one of the better rejoinders we've heard in a hearing, LICH supporters' attorney Jim Walton snapped back, "All of [SUNY’s] arguments are premised on ‘you can’t unscramble the egg’ –- but this is a sausage and they don’t want you to see what’s in it."

While SUNY attorneys maintain that Justice Demarest has no right to reverse her 2011 ruling turning LICH over to SUNY (even if they didn't keep up their end of the agreement, which was to simply keep the hospital open), LICH supporters pushed for an evidentiary hearing -- which will allow them to spill the beans about SUNY's numerous misdeeds.

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Anonymous said...

Despite numerous court rulings against them and 9 months of steady protesting by the community, politicians, nurses, doctors and patients -- SUNY had the audacity today to threaten layoffs and elimination of vital patient services.

Please join us for a MASSIVE PROTEST tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 25th) at LICH at 5PM, 339 Hicks St!