Monday, October 7, 2013

Get Ready for Smith Street 'Soup Crawl' in Brooklyn

Photo: South Brooklyn LDC
 Smith Street's 4th Annual Festivale des Soupes takes place on Saturday, Oct. 19, from 1 - 4 p.m.

That's French for Soup Crawl, and it's delicious, fun, affordable aand family-friendly.

And it's for a good cause -- South Brooklyn LDC shares this fundraiser with aa culinary arts program at the local public school, the School for International Studies.

Walking along Smith Street from from Atlantic Avenue to 2nd Street, the delicious 4 oz. soup tastings are from:

Lunetta, Bar Tabac, Coco Roco, Cibao, Ceol, Hop Hap Thai Restaurant, Hunter’s, The H.S. for Int’l Studies, Stinky Brooklyn, Angry Wades, Pazzi Pasta, Jolie Cantina, Peoples Republic of Brooklyn, Shelsky’s Smoked Fish, Bombay Dream, Provence En Boite, Dassara Ramen, Cubana CafĂ©, Savoia, , VIP Thai, Zaytoons, Etons, The Jakewalk, Kittery, Seersucker/Nightingale9, Avlee Greek Cusiine

A panel of Celebrity Judges will rate the soups and award Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ladles in three categories - Veggie, Meat/Chicken, & Fish/Seafood based.

Purchase Tasting tickets from the High School students at tables on the corners of Smith & Bergen, Butler, and President Street starting at 1PM. Each ticket entitles you to a 4 oz tasting at all the restaurants of your choice from the list above. F or G Train to Bergen or Carroll Street .

$5.00 for a 5 Tasting sampler.

$10.00 Couples/Gourmets for 12 Tastings,

$20.00 for Families - 25 Tastings.

- 2012 Soup Crawl
- 2010 Soup Crawl

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