Monday, October 25, 2010

Smith Street Soup Festival Our New Favorite Brooklyn Thing

What a great idea -- the Smith Street Soup Festival was a blast and the soups were outstanding. Saturday afternoon crowds of people walked up and down Smith Street in Boerum Hill, getting little cups of soup at 21 participating Smith Street restaurants.

We sampled delicious pasta fagiole from Lunetta, spinach and lentil soup from Bar Tabac (shown above), mulligatawny from Raga, lobster bisque from Verde, a creamy vegetable soup from Athena and many more. All it cost was $5 for a little blue wristband.

Some restaurants set up tables on the sidewalk, while others set up inside. There were long lines in front of many but they moved very fast (it was just soup, after all). The lines attracted more soup eaters who wanted to know, "What's going on here? How do we get some soup?"

The restaurants started running out a little early. They probably didn't anticipate how popular this event was going to be.

The Soup Festival -- instigated by Bette Stoltz, of the South Brooklyn LDC -- was a benefit for the HS For International Studies Culinary Arts Program and the South Brooklyn LDC.

UPDATE: PMFA has the winners of the gold and silver "ladels" here.

Photos by MK Metz

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