Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun with Brooklyn Celebs!

To celebrate Halloween, we used the free online editor Picnik -- which has a Halloween promotion going on -- to make these Brooklyn celebs SPOOKY! If you enjoy these, you can make your own Halloween special effects at Picnik, too:

Borough President Marty Markowitz, vampire, trapped in a crystal ball.

Bruce Ratner, zombie, with cool eyeballs.

Carl Paladino, running (for governor) and hiding (from the Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish community).

Oh, that Walt! He always cracks us up.

Origin of photos before retouching:
Photo of BP Markowitz by shooting brooklyn, Creative Commons
Photo of Bruce Ratner from Gothamist from the NY Post.
Photo of Carl Paladino from the NY Post.
Photo of Walt Whitman from Wikipedia.

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