Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cranberry Street Fair 2010, Brooklyn Heights

What a lovely day for the sweet little 2010 Cranberry Street Fair, which took place in Brooklyn Heights Saturday. (First time it hasn't been rained on for two years!)

For four hours the west end of of the street became a gathering place for local families to relax, browse tables laden with "treasures" and books and munch on lunch and baked goodies. Kids played carnival games and decorated little pumpkins.

A mellow mood was set by sax composer and musician Eric Loffswol.

 The Manhattan Tribal belly dancers did a great job entertaining and giving lessons to fair attendees.

 How many cranberries were in the jar?

The pet parade attracted a range of sizes.

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(Sometimes called Cranberry Street Festival)

Photos and video by L Metz

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