Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Z-7 Cafe on Court Street, Brooklyn - Greek Mini-Diner, Reasonable Prices

 First impression of the newly-opened Z-7 Cafe (spelled "Caffe") at 115 Court Street (where Yogo Monster used to be):

It's your traditional Greek diner but tiny, with just a few tables. The guy behind the counter looks like he's worked in diners all his life. You got your basic sandwiches, your wrap specials, your baked moussaka. Breakfast all day, four soups daily.  Cakes, smoothies, coffee. The Greek salad comes with anchovies and dolmadakia. The health salad comes with jello.

Many items are quite reasonably priced: You can get a chicken salad sandwich for $3.95, egg salad for $3.25.

On the other hand, the Gyro platter is $8.95 (served with rice or potato and salad) and you can go crazy with a "Popeye Salad: ALL THE WAY" -- spinach, crumbled bacon, sliced egg, tomato, artichoke and mushroom, croutons, topped with roast beef or turkey breast -- for $10.45. A wrap can cost up to $8.95.

But coffee is a recession-friendly $1. A bagel is $1 or $1.65 with cream cheese. A two-egg sandwich is $2.75. Get yourself a grilled cheese for $3.25 or splurge on meatloaf for $5.95. Enjoy.

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Photos by MK Metz

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