Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Democratic National Convention to Get Brooklyn Brand?

The blue carpet was rolled out at Barclays. Photo by MK Metz
 A full-court press was made by city officials at Barclay's Center on Monday to impress members of the Democratic National Committee with everything Brooklyn.

The "DNC 2016 NYC" logo was all over Prospect Heights. Brooklyn artisional food was served to committee members. The DNC visited Brooklyn Bridge Park with Mayor Bill (wonder if it looked as glorious to them as it does to us?) and then took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, where a fireboat squirted red, white and blue jets into the air.

The message was that Brooklyn is hip, progressive and labor friendly, just like the Democratic Party.

The hotel issue is a non-issue, several of the pols said.  Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he got from Manhattan to Brooklyn in 14 minutes (but it took a dedicated travel lane, something everyday residents don't have).

More about Monday's DNC event at the Brooklyn Eagle.

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