Monday, April 6, 2015

Philadelphia Pissed at Brooklyn Boulders' April 1 Joke

Brooklyn Boulders confessed on April 2 that their announcement that the company planned to build a rock climbing location in Queens Village, Philadelphia was actually a “cruel April Fools’ joke, Philly.”

Well, the joke backfired, and now Philly is pissed.

"Brooklyn Boulders thinks Philly is a joke. They announced today, more than 24 hours after their “prank” post went live (and in a bald-faced breach of April Fools’ Day etiquette), that their 'announcement' of a Queen Village location was a 'cruel April Fools’ joke, Philly.' They’re, of course, pleading for Philadelphians to sign a petition to bring a Brooklyn Boulders location to Philly, which is the last you’ll hear about this company on Ever."

Way to go, Boulders.

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