Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scenes from NYC Comic Con 2015

Photos by MK Metz
NYC Comic Con at Javits Center this past weekend was swarming with fans of comics, video, film and TV shows.

Cosplayers dressed like their favorites and some of the costumes were eye-popping.

This is just one of several popes to bless the scene. His companion's name is Venom.

A mashup including Jurassic and Ninja Turtle overtones.

Characters from Daredevil.

A very convincing Dr. Octopus!

Nice costume, Harley Quinn!

Quite a crowd for the Iron Man panel...

Katherine Chavez, playing Lightning.

Progressive "protector-corns" kick up their heels.

Teen Titans Raven & Gamora, Guardian of the Galaxy. (Thanks very much to Phantom Zodak for these ID's and other info.)

Star Wars characters.

After a hard day of Comic Con, this frog-like guy found a good place to collapse.

Part 1.

The End.
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Even more photos at Brooklyn Eagle.

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PhantomZodak said...

the pope's friend is Venom. Those are not from My Little Pony, they are Progressive "protector-corns" & the two females are Teen Titans Raven & Gamora, Guardian of the Galaxy.

mcbrooklyn said...

Wow Phantom Zodak, you know all things! Thanks very much, we'll update the post with this information.

Jmejia1 said...

I was the watcher uatu. I'm still watching...