Friday, October 16, 2015

Story of Brooklyn Marathoner Inching His Way Back to Health

We've been a fan of Brooklyn marathoner  Michael Ring for a couple of years. He's a tireless supporter of the  Prospect Park Track Club, he inspires runners everywhere, and he writes a great blog,  What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me.

After he was struck by a devastating illness more than a year ago -- CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) -- suddenly Michael could not walk, eat by himself or drink without a straw. He was in the hospital for 135 days, getting chemo. He sweat blood, and he wrote about it all in his blog.

Now he is inching his way back and making real progress. A walk in the park, riding on an escalator, spending time with his kids, running a 5K race (real slow), victories!

News 12 did a great job on the video above showing Michael's progress.

Michael says, "Like everything in the media only some of the stuff is true."

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Anonymous said...

I agree-Michael Ring is awesome.