Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Brooklyn Eagle Posts Massive LICH (Long Island College Hospital) Archive Online

The former emergency department at LICH in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Photo by MK Metz
Do you wish you knew more about the three-year saga during which the state of New York squeezed a Brooklyn hospital -- Long Island College Hospital (LICH) in Cobble Hill -- to death and sold it to a developer?

Do you wonder what Mayor Bill de Blasio had to do with the debacle? (He's being investigated now for his role in the closure.)

Did you know there were numerous lawsuits, marches (one involved more than a thousand people with coffins and a New Orleans-style funeral band over the Brooklyn Bridge), and protests in the rain, heat and snow?

And an elected official-led storming of the hospital?

Did you know SUNY hired security guards who went rogue and waved guns around the neo-natal ward?

And if you live anywhere between Red Hook and Williamsburg, did you know your life is at risk in a situation requiring an emergency room?

If you hunger to learn more, the Brooklyn Eagle has just published a massive archive of hundreds of detailed articles they published on the topic of LICH since the battle pitting residents against the state began. (Great source material if you're investigating any of the parties involved, too!)

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LICH: Everything you want to know (almost) about the deal to close Long Island College Hospital 

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