Monday, August 29, 2016

'The Norm' New Food Concept at Brooklyn Museum; Zika Breeding Grounds, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- International food and quite the cocktail list: The Norm at Brooklyn Museum is a new restaurant concept led by Michelin-starred Chef Saul Bolton. Diners are surrounded by priceless art. [The Norm]

- There are still some Manhattanites who think Brooklyn is a foreign country. [Brooklyn Magazine]

- NYC steps up efforts to block Zika -- Several Brooklyn neighborhoods breeding grounds for mosquitoes. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- 2016 Brooklyn Book Festival to include Bowie and Prince panel discussion. [Gothamist]

- NPR's Jasmine Garsd headed over to the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn. [NPR]

- Fire erupts atop LICH’s ‘jewel-like’ Polhemus building in Brooklyn. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Buzz kill: Alcohol is linked to 7 forms of cancer, study finds. [Daily News]

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