Monday, August 29, 2016

HuffPost Mini-Documentary Shines Light on Wrongful Conviction Cases in Brooklyn

There are currently more than 100 wrongful conviction cases under review in Brooklyn. In HuffPost Originals mini-documentary, "Stolen Time," Alyona Minkovski talked to three men whose lives were upended by wrongful convictions.

Sundhe Moses, Kevin Smith and Derrick Hamilton all spent years in prison after being convicted of heinous crimes. However, despite all the facts pointing to a wrongful conviction, formal exoneration for these victims is a long and arduous process.

Retired Detective Louis Scarcella is connected to 72 of the cases that are being reviewed by the Brooklyn DA, including those of Sundhe, Kevin and Derrick.

Witness coercion, false confessions and violence are just some of the allegations brought up when discussing the detective and according to Hamilton it's time for Scarcella to pay the price. "He deserves to go to jail. He deserves to see what he did to so many other people. What it feels like to be isolated from your family."

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