Monday, November 12, 2007

All Out War Declared Against New York's Pigeons -- Robotic Hawks Soon to Be Unleashed

The ice caps are melting, Al Qaeda laughs at us and rats run rampant through our parks -- but at least we can beat the hell out of pigeons.

The City Council is considering legislation that includes slipping pigeons birth control, unleashing robotic hawks to scare them, and ticketing people for sprinkling bread crumbs on the ground. One robotic hawk (plus stand) costs $4,072.

Councilman Simcha Felder announced legislation Monday aimed at thinning the city’s pigeon population -- spurred by complaints to his office that elevated train stations were covered with their droppings, reports the Brooklyn Eagle.

“The people of New York are sick and tired of dodging pigeons and their droppings as they walk around the city,” he said.

His multi-faceted plan would be overseen by a “pigeon czar."

Trained hawks, guided by handlers, were employed to frighten roosting pigeons in Bryant Park a few years ago. Though the program resulted in a 50 percent reduction of pigeons, “it was abandoned when one of the hawks mistook a small dog for prey,” said the report.

Sad but true: the whole story here.

Photo by Swami Stream, Creative Commons license

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