Monday, November 5, 2007

Why Are All Those Buildings on Bond Street for Sale?

Lisanne at the Found in Brooklyn blog received a "courtesy call" from the dry cleaner located on the corner of Bond and 2nd Streets Saturday. (Click on photo for enlargement.)

They said that "she should come and get her clothes" because they were relocating. Lisanne writes that she had heard that the businesses on that block were operating on six month leases because they are located where Toll Brothers is slated to (someday) build condos.

According to Lisanne, almost every building on Bond Street between 2nd & 3rd Streets is for sale. Lisanne's question: "It seems although the time table is slow as far as rezoning (supposively 2 years as told to me by Bill DeBlasio himself) and cleanup (3 years up the line MAYBE) all this other stuff is happening far in advance. How come?"

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