Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'Something Big' About to Happen at 340 Court

Last week, the Long Island College Ambulatory Care site (formerly known as the Anthony Anastasio International Longshoremen's Association Building) at 340 Court Street in Carroll Gardens had its ground floor windows boarded up, reports the Pardon Me For Asking (PMFA) blog. In addition, rat baiting warning signs appeared on the front door windows.

(Don't know what happened to the LICH School of Nursing... )

PMFA says that rumor has it that the Clarett Group wants to move quickly, so demolition of the existing building could happen very soon. (Pictures here.)

Back in September, the Brooklyn Eagle mentioned that the tower, as of right, could go a bit over 21 stories. If you paid $24 million for a property, wouldn't you develop it to the legal limit? More here.

Lost New York City blog: The Anthony Anastasio Memorial Wing —Brooklyn Longshoremen's Medical Center. * "... Staring at it [the sign] was a chilling reminder of the nabe's vicious past and how much South Brooklyn was once in thrall of the Mob." Anthony "Tough Tony" Anastasio was a union boss who ruled the Brooklyn docks with an iron hand and the threat of reprisal by his mad brother, Albert Anastasio, head of Murder, Inc....

And let's not forget the $17 million for the construction of ambulatory care facilities (at 340 Court St. and 349 Henry St.) The modernization was made possible in part by a $130 million endowment from the estate of Brooklyn philanthropists Donald and Mildred Othmer (old friends of Warren Buffet). Donald Othmer served for many years as a hospital regent.

* Anthony "Tough Tony" Anastasio was a Brooklyn mobster and labor racketeer for the Genevese crime family controlling the Brooklyn dockyards for over thirty years.

Thanks to Brownstoner for link to LICHAC.

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