Friday, December 19, 2008

Brooklyn Heights Montessori 'Little Room' -- Why Not St. Charles?

After a major outcry, the pre-K program for kids with special needs housed in the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School has received a reprieve and will remain open for an additional year. Now, according to the Brooklyn Eagle, parents and elected officials have to find a new location before the clock runs out next November.

But wait -- here's a possible solution:

St. Charles Borromeo Church is considering new plans for the parish’s historic school building at 23 Sidney Place in Brooklyn Heights. The school, which had been in poor financial shape, closed in February 2007 after a fire. Now we read in the Eagle that Catholic Charities is exploring the possibility of starting a Montessori program in the building.

Hey, why don't you guys get together? At the Little Room, you got a successful pre-K program looking to find a new space and grow. At St. Charles Borromeo, they are looking for a program to go into a pre-built school building.

Common, guys! Give each other a phone call.

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