Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brooklyn Leaders Weigh In -- 'How Bad Is It?'

The Brooklyn Ink (produced by students at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism) sends us word that it is going to address the impact of the economic meltdown onBrooklyn. Here's what they say:

How many people in Brooklyn have lost their jobs? What kinds of jobs are disappearing? How many have lost their homes? And in what neighborhoods are foreclosures rising?

But "How Bad Is It?" looks beyond the numbers to the human factor. What is it like trying to get married when you lose your job? What does it feel like to sit in front of a computer screen in a foundering investment bank and see millions of dollars disappear?

Beginning on Tuesday morning, December 9th, the Ink will host an online forum in which top economic, political, academic, labor and business leaders weigh in on a single question: If you could tell President-elect Obama what kind of economic stimulus Brooklyn needs, what would it be?

Some of the participants:

-Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President
-Carl Hum, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
-Julia Vitullo-Martin, Director, Center for Rethinking Development, Manhattan Institute
-Robert Padgug, Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences, Brooklyn College

The forum will feature both an online conversation among those leaders, as well as a chance for readers to pose questions and their own ideas.

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