Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ignazio's Pizza, Dumbo

A bit of a kerfuffle seems to have broken out on Chowhound about Ignazio's Pizza, which opened in Dumbo at 4 Water Street in April.

The reactions to the pizza itself encompass the usual range, from: "So delicious!" to "Just OK," to "Disappointingly bland," to "Even Grimaldi's is better."

But this is Brooklyn, so the discussion quickly swerves from pizza to personal insults, like: "It was not a matter of a waitress with so many tattoos that it looked like garbage was thrown at her, or the white dreadlocked zombie serving drinks . . . "

And responses like: "What a surprise, another nasty rant from you . . ."

Counter-responses: "You seem to have some pent up hostility towards those who dare to look different and it is clearly manifesting itself here and that is unfortunate, especially to those who have not visited Ignazio's and are buying into this intolerant and distorted point of view. It comes off as very angry, and, frankly, old and cranky."

Clarifications: "I shot the 'dumb hick' line in to mock those (at Ignazios) who apparently seem to feel this way."

It's pizza, kids!

To play nice, we'll finish with a recent comment:
"We went to Ignazio's last night for the first time after a friend had recommended it. The location is spectacular, the pizza is fantastic but the real treat is the live jazz that made us feel we were in some classic NY movie! We will definitely be back."

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

Why use the term "kids"? Do you mean to insult us. Talking down?

Anonymous said...

Are you are of those in the Chowhound discussion?

Anonymous said...

Nice thing about living in NYC is that you look at the person and not the costume. She's a nice person and a good hostess. Just wish the pizza was better

Anonymous said...

I went this weekend. Other than no line, its not worth it. A medium/large at Ignazio's is $16/20, versus $12/14 at Grimaldi's. Is not waiting on a line worth the $4/6? Depends on the heat and humidity but the Ignazio's staff wasn't that friendly or helpful when we went this past Saturday afternoon for takeout(it was very empty, while Grimaldi's had the usual line down the block). Pizza was fine, but srvice takes points off the taste.

Frank said...

I agree. Gawdawful food, surly service and mediocre jazz

George said...

Ten of us (4 adults, 6 kids) stumbled upon Ignazio's on a beautiful Thursday around noon not knowing what to expect. I'm originally from the Bronx (as I told Louis, the owner), so I've been around some first rate pizza in my life. My entire party agreed when I stated that THIS WAS PERHAPS THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA I HAD EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE. Now, I only had the sicilian pie, but everyone else thought the neopolitan was great, too. The pizza is a bit more expensive than the common pizza place, but the fresh ingredients are worth it. When was the last time you ate a slice of pizza that had real flavor? The crisp (not overdone) crust and the tastiest chopped tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella and topped with a fresh basil garnish was outstanding. Some of us had pepperoni (not me) but I couldn't see the need since it would detract from the other ingredients by overpowering them. The atmosphere is clean and attractive with huge picture windows everywhere. Service was pleasant and very attentive (we were served by the owner's charming daughter) though it was not so busy when we arrived. It had picked up considerably by the time we left an hour later. We will definitely be back, hungry for more. (Please note, cash only). When the park/flea market under the Brooklyn Bridge is completed in 2010, you will not be able to get a seat. I suggest you become a regular now and perhaps that will put you in good stead with the waitstaff.:-)

Great location on the water across from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (for afters, $3.50/cone incl. sprinkles).