Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Williamsburg Walks, June 20

The first 2009 "Williamsburg Walks" takes place Saturday, June 20 on Bedford Avenue between North 5th & North 6th Steets, noon to dusk.

The Walks features artists working and interacting with the community, musicians playing on the Avenue, educational programs from local studios, and complimentary virgin cocktails. More Walks every Saturday through July 11.

This Week:
* Serbian painter Petar Timotic, portraits
* North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition will have a table

* Superpowers - Williamsburg Walks’ resident Afrobeat band
* Victor Sheely: acoustic gypsy punk, 80's songs, Mexican ballads, and originals

* Wheel-throwing pottery demonstrations and instruction, Choplet
* STREB dance workshop for kids

* Non-alcoholic summer cocktails from Oulu

Chalk will be available all day for street art

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Anonymous said...

I wentt o the July 11th last weekend one, and I had a great time at the WGA + creative thriftshop block, I was there like all day!

Please people do this every year. great day in the hood. loved destroying the piano.

check photos and video: