Thursday, June 18, 2009

St. Savior Principal James Flanagan Speaks

A few weeks ago parents at St. Saviour Elementary School in Park Slope were shocked to learn that their beloved principal, Mr. James Flanagan, was being fired. Principal Flanigan has successfully led St. Saviour for 26 years. (See story here.)

Today Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn published a thoughtful response from Principal Flanagan. Among other things, we learn that the pastor who fired Flanagan -- Father Daniel S. Murphy -- told him last April "that we had had the best year yet working together."

It appears that in spite of all of the positive things Principal Flanagan has done for St. Saviour recently (instituted a new French program; guided the library renovation; hosted successful Art Fairs and several seasonal concerts; restarted Science Fairs & oversaw the installation & implementation of Smart Board technology & LCD/Laptop instruction), the major bone of contention may have been his resistance to raising tuition at St. Saviour.

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- The Trouble at St. Saviour

Photo of Principal Flanagan courtesy of St. Saviour Preservation Society

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