Friday, April 12, 2013

New Brooklyn Heights Association President Tells All

Photo by Ellen Jaffe
Alexandra Bowie, new president of the Brooklyn Heights Association, provides an in-depth look at the mission of the famous neighborhood group in a Q & A with the Brooklyn Eagle.

Bowie discusses in detail the main issues the BHA is working on now: LICH, the sale of the Brooklyn Heights library, the completion of Brooklyn Bridge Park, trees and traffic.

About the Brooklyn Heights branch library sale: BHA is not opposing the redevelopment plan at this time, Bowie says, so long as three conditions are met: 1) ensure that the money from the sale of the building goes to the BPL; 2) ensure that there is continuity of service from now until the opening of the replacement branch in a new building; and 3) ensure that the replacement branch is of adequate size.

Traffic: Following the The Martha Atwater tragedy, the BHA is beginning a community outreach effort on making Brooklyn Heights a Slow Zone and other traffic calming efforts.  Slow Zone means 20 mph speeds and speed bumps, as well as signage. (Bowie would also like to see the speed cameras bill move forward.)

Bowie will replace Jane McGroarty.

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