Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Jackhammers on the Brooklyn Bridge Stopped for a While Monday Night

Construction Brooklyn Bridge. MK Metz
Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO residents woke up just after midnight last night in shock at the eerie silence.

Brooklyn Bridge's jackhammers, drilling seemingly every single night since April 2011, had momentarily gone silent. The jarring lack of heart-attack-causing noise brought neighbors to their windows in confusion. It was as if the world had briefly stopped turning.

For a few minutes, other sounds -- cars, trains, radios, the wind -- could be heard.

Toddlers, having lived their whole lives with thunderous drilling filling every nighttime hour, woke restlessly in their cribs and briefly entertained the idea of someday going to college.

Then as always, the jackhammers returned.The world returned to normal, and the sound of chirping birds disappeared.

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