Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Brooklyn Heights Library Proposal Goes Before City Council Subcommittee Today

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Expect some noise and possible light (nah, just noise) this afternoon as the City Council's subcommittee on Planning, Dispositions and Concessions takes up two related applications:

- To dispose of the Brooklyn Heights Library at 280 Cadman Plaza West (now called 1 Clinton Street even before it actually exists), build a hi-rise there, and build "affordable" housing in another neighborhood

- To acquire a condo unit inside the proposed hi-rise for a smaller but more modern replacement library.

The rest of the City Council will presumably vote how Heights' Councilmember Stephen Levin votes. While the Brooklyn Heights Association rolled over on this one, a number of very vocal residents will skin Levin alive if he votes for the project as is.

It will be interesting to see what concessions he can squeeze from the developer, if any, to justify making the project (which has been compared to "giving the finger to Brooklyn Heights") palatable.

Interestingly, Borough President Eric Adams disapproved the project, with conditions, which raised his profile with a number of voters who weren't sure if he stood with them on this issue.

The project was approved by the City Planning Commission.

Citizens Defending Libraries and union groups are expected to make a strong showing in Council chambers.

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