Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Yes, There IS an Election in NYC on Tuesday, Nov. 3

MK Metz
It's one of the least talked-about NYC elections we can remember.

Depending on where you live, you may be voting on Tuesday for District Attorney, judicial positions, and/or in special elections for State Assembly or Senate.

Thank goodness, the NYC Campaign Finance Board will tell you who your candidates are if you type in your address.

In Bay Ridge, for example, Pamela Harris (Dem) is running against Lucretia Regina-Potter (Rep) for Assembly.

In Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights, you'll be voting for judges. The Court System has put together a voters guide by county to help you decide.

UPDATE: Here's how it turned out.

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Anonymous said...

It is pointless to vote in this election. Neither candidate in the county-wide election was deemed qualified by the Bar Association. Each of the five candidates for the Supreme Court Judicial District 2 belongs to the Democratic, Conservative and Republican Parties. So there is no way to distinguish them based on their political affiliation. But it really does not matter because one can vote for five candidates. It appears that everyone will win.

It'e really not surprising that Trump is gaining so much traction with the voters. The political process is a sham that is controlled by party bosses.