Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tonight: Cobble Hill Association Fall General Meeting to Discuss LICH 'Misinformation'

LICH back in the day. Photo: MK Metz
The Cobble Hill Association will hold its Fall General Meeting Wed., November 18th at 7:00 pm, at P.S. 29 at 425 Henry Street between Baltic and Kane Streets. The topic will be LICH "misinformation" being put out by developers.

CHA says:

This will be a very important meeting of the Cobble Hill Association as the community provides feedback on the development proposals for the Long Island College Hospital site.

Incomplete and misleading information is being disseminated in our neighborhood by paid canvassers.

Some points of clarification:

- The rezoning plan is substantially larger than the As of Right plan.

- The NYU-Langone medical facility will be built by NYU regardless of which development path Fortis chooses. Continuous medical care on the site was a condition of the sale and is not a voluntary benefit offered by the developer.

- The park space proposed in the rezoning is a park “mash-up” of the existing sitting park and an existing playground, plus only 4,286 additional square feet.

- The proposed K-5 school has no schoolyard.

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