Monday, January 21, 2008

Brooklyn Heights Pipe-Bomb Man Confesses to Painting Swastikas

Sunday morning's discovery of an arsenal of weapons — including pipe bombs, guns and a crossbow — at 58 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights has solving a tantalizing mystery.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, 31-year-old Ivaylo Ivanov has confessed to painting swastikas and writing "Kill Jews" in the neighborhood in September. He'll be hit with dozens of charges for this, on top of his weapons charges.

Ivanov is a Bulgarian immigrant who shared an apartment at 58 Remsen St. with AIDS researcher Dr. Michael Clatts, says the Eagle. More here.

UPDATE: Photo of Ivanov on the Brooklyn Heights Blog.

UPDATE: Ivanov says he is Jewish, and claims he was going to use the bombs to go fishing.

- Explosives and Weapons Found in Brooklyn Heights Apartment

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Anonymous said...

It is quite possible that this Mossad agent from the Jewish Khazar tribe planned to attack the Neturei Karta and harm other anti-zionist jews, please see, ...

Its really a divine mercy that he was caught in this way by his own mistake.

We will see, in the coming days, the zionist-neocon establishment trying to put a spin on this story. We already see that NY Times has hidden this story away from the front page on their website.

It is amazing that the police had 20 detectives working on this graffiti case, but for normal serious issues, they dont devote any man power to investigations. And despite that they FAILED to catch him. This is the height of incompetence of these and the FBI (FAILED BUREAU of INCOMPETENTS) which has not produced the anthrax mailer or made a categorical statement based on the pattern of anthrax letters that it was a false flag operation by non-mozlems.