Thursday, January 17, 2008

'New Gods Through Science' in DUMBO

The Dumbo Arts Center sent us the following public service announcement:

DAC is presenting the Charismatic Rally, to be
presented by artist, Michael Weber and the Corporation for Public Good. The gallery event will promote the Interactive Social Contract, an experimental new form of government, philosophy and religion, developed to achieve the Biologically Ideal Social Form.*

as seven Charismats battle to become the supreme demagogue of the
Interactive Social Contract, HEAR as they espouse the inherent truths revealed in the ISC, FEEL the excitement of having your own greatest desires for humanity repeated back to you in a new process called "Mass Feedback Hypnosis".

The Interactive Social Contract is a web application, which automatically
describes the Biologically Ideal Social Form via public input and voting. You can be sure your own opinions are adequately represented by participating at ** before coming to the rally.

Come one, come all! Submit today, and avoid being amongst the first
against the wall when the revolution comes!

The Interactive social contract will address all of humanity's natural habits and develop up to date social norms based on people's input, automatically creating the Biologically Ideal Social Form.

January 19, 2008

Free Beer & Governmental Construction: 8 - 9 pm
Battle of the Charismats:
9 - 10:30 pm DJ from 10:30 pm
Dr. Feel Questionable
Christopher X Brodeur
John F O'Donnell
Suenteus Po
The Citizen
Dr. Coop
Jessica Delfino

Referee Boss Lady

Sound by Deep Sound Diver

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