Friday, January 18, 2008

Brooklyn in Brief: Weekend

- It get worse: fetus found in jar in murdered Nixzmary Brown's apartment. Newsday

- Brooklyn's controversial but brilliant chess champion, Bobby Fisher, dies in Iceland of kidney failure. Brooklyn Eagle

- A Red Bull-swilling nanny acts tough at Pierrepont playground in Brooklyn Heights. But correspondents at the I Saw Your Nanny Blog give her the benefit of the doubt. I Saw Your Nanny

- A plan to tear down 10 historic houses at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and replace them with a supermarket has been delayed "indefinitely." Brooklyn Paper

- Our friends at CORD have a list of questions from Carroll Gardens community members who reside near Mr. Stein's proposed project at 360 Smith Street . Sixty-seven questions, actually. Carroll Gardens Petition

- City to sponsor bedbug seminars. Gowanus Lounge

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